Box Letter Manufacturing

Box letters can be produced in the sizes you want, starting from 20 centimeters in height. Box letters can be of many types such as illuminated, non-illuminated, chrome, aluminum and gold. While the signs are being prepared, the letters on the front are prepared with laser machines. The side surfaces of the letters are shaped with guillotine shears. Box letters can be painted in desired colors. It can be durable for a very long time, especially in aluminum and chrome structures. After the surface of the box letters are cut from the signs and the soldering process is finished, the box letters are polished to provide extra shine. Box letter signs that are ready after the polishing process can be illuminated or unlit, depending on demand. If we are producing illuminated options, waterproof leds are placed inside the box letter signs. After the LEDs are placed, the production of the box letters is completed. Depending on the type of material prepared, it contains 10-25% chromium in its structure. Thus, oxidation of iron is prevented.