Manufacturing of Stainless Chrome Box Letters

Very thin chrome sheet layers are used on the front and back surfaces of the chrome letters. We cut the front surface of the letters with laser and the side surface strips with guillotine shears. After shaping the side bands of the chrome letters we cut in the desired font by hand, we combine them with their front surfaces by using solder welding. Although chrome letters consist of shiny plates; After the boiling process is finished, we are polishing to make the chrome letters appear brighter. Polished chrome letters; Finally, if it is desired to be illuminated, we will have finished the production phase of the letter by mounting waterproof module leds inside. Another name for these produced stainless chrome box letters is the stainless embossed letter. Generally, stainless steels contain between 10% and 25% Cr (Chromium). Chromium rises to the surface of the steel in the structure of the steel, forming a layer of chromium oxide and prevents the oxidation of iron. In other words, there is no rusting or blackening in the stainless steel we use. Therefore, stainless letters are called chrome letters.