With the contribution of developing computers and other technologies, the advertising industry has also gained a rapidly growing momentum. Considering these developments, signs and box letters with beautiful and eye-catching designs that attract more attention from people have become very common. Box Letters, which differ in many different designs and materials, are specially prepared for each of our customers and each design creates a unique product. It allows for unique customization due to its construction and material and is durable. It is specially designed according to your wishes for each design project. Plexi Box Letter Signage is the most used product in this category. The Plexi material, known as plastic glass, has flexibility that allows for many different designs. In addition to being 6 times more durable and lighter than normal glasses, they also transmit heatless and increase the service life of the sign.
To create the most striking effect in your Plexi Box Letter orders, we make and produce ideal designs according to your field with the highest level of technology. If you want to be one of the leading brands in your industry, you should also choose your signboards, which will be the advertising face of your brand.
Plexiglass Letters are used in many business sectors due to their easy processing and striking appearance. The features of these signs are more conspicuous than standard-looking signs and they have the potential to attract customers easily. In addition to being a good advertisement, its longevity is one of the main reasons for its preference. The longer it lasts, the more financially efficient it will be. Plexi box letter signage is the most economical choice because the colors used do not fade and problems such as wear, and tear do not arise. It is the most permanent application compared to other types of signboards that deform in a short time. In the system application, illuminated or non-illuminated models can be applied according to preference.
If it is preferred to be used as illuminated, LEDs are placed inside the sign as strips. Attention should be paid to the quality of the light source placed inside. Otherwise, it can be waterproof, consumes a lot of energy, and may not last very long. When it is decided to apply a non-illuminated sign, the back of the sign is covered with a material called a deco tag. This type of signage needs regular maintenance to give the same performance all the time. Otherwise, the sign will be polluted due to the seasonal conditions outside, and the resulting dirt will prevent the sign from remaining alive. It is very important that such designs are made by an expert and experienced professional team.