Box letter signs are one of the most preferred products in the advertising world. These designs have a flashy and impressive signage feature thanks to their three-dimensional feature. The advertising industry has grown gradually in line with the developing technology and opportunities, and has gained significant momentum. Considering these developments, signs and box letters with beautiful and eye-catching designs that attract more attention of people have become very common. Regardless of indoor or outdoor space, it is frequently preferred to increase the awareness of individuals or organizations and to advertise. Box Letters, which are diversified with different raw materials and designs, are specially prepared for each of our customers and every design produced creates a unique product. It allows for unique customization due to its construction and material and is durable. Each product is produced with the highest quality without any analogues.In order to create the most striking effect in your orders, we make and produce the most ideal designs with the highest level of technology, in order to create the most striking effect in your orders. If you want to be one of the leading brands in your industry, you should also choose your signboards, which will be the advertising face of your brand.Holes are made at regular intervals on the sides to make it more attractive to the eye among the box letters made of Box Letters with Holes on the Side. Depending on the size of the design, the size of these holes also changes. It draws attention and appeals to the eye with its neat design, production and correct measurements. It is essential that it is made by an expert and professional experienced team in order to be resistant to seasonal harsh weather conditions, water or substances such as dust. Particularly illuminated Box Letters with Perforated Sides and Mesh is one of the most important products to be considered in this regard. It is very important that it is produced by the expert staff of the TK Reklam team so that it does not cause serious damage in a possible leak. Since we always consider the priority of our customers, we deliver solutions to customers all over the world with the least cost and effort in case of a possible damage.As TK Reklam, we bring your brand together with the most remarkable and aesthetic designs. Our professional and experienced staff designs and manufactures the product you want perfectly and delivers it to all over the world. If you want to reveal the true value of your brand, contact us now. You can examine our works in all other categories, not only with Box Letters with Perforated Netting on the Sides.