Pharmacy signs are signs that entered into force in 2014 and became a standard to prevent competition between pharmacies. Red and white colors are fixed with the materials used and certain measurements. The prominent feature of pharmacy signs is that they are easily recognizable. It should be easier to find and distinguishable from other signs.Since the signboards have such certain dimensions, they remain in a habitual form in the eyes of people, so they can be easily found and easily distinguished from other signboards. All pharmacies are required to comply with these standards. As TK Advertising and Letterpress Manufacturing Company, we produce the best quality and most cost-effective signs for you within the framework of the law.Pharmacy Signage is fixed with certain standards. Among the main reasons for this are to prevent unfair competition that may occur among pharmacies, to prevent visual pollution that may occur. In addition, this makes it easier for patients to reach the pharmacy. It is legally obligatory to prepare pharmacy signboards in accordance with Article 25 of the Regulation on Pharmacists and Pharmacies.Pharmacy Signage Features It is recommended to use iron-forming materials in load-bearing structures. Bearing structures and intermediate sections must be manufactured in accordance with the regulations. The panel should be constructed in such a way as to prevent water from entering the interior. Sections should be painted with anti-corrosion paint to prevent rusting. The back of the braille aluminum covered sign will be 0.50 mm thick and its body will be aluminum. The dimensions of pharmacy signs must comply with the law. The size of the pharmacy sign should be between the maximum size and the minimum size specified in the law, depending on the location and environment of the pharmacy. The colors used in the sign are limited to red and white only. Before dyeing, chromating and allodination should be done. After this process, the welds, if any, should be sanded and primed. Red plexiglass vacuum packaging of the pharmacy letter was deemed appropriate. It is obligatory to illuminate only the pharmacy text on the board. In other words, the part with the name of the pharmacy should be extinguished. The pharmacy sign must be visible from at least one side of the pharmacy. Illuminated signs with the E symbol shall be placed so that they can be easily seen from at least two sides.
How should the pharmacy sign be?
+ The pharmacy sign must be red and white.
+ In line with the regulation, the dimensions of the signage must be produced as 300cm x 100cm.
+ For example, if the Signage area for a Pharmacy is 6 meters, we need to calculate it as follows.
+ Pharmacy signs, which are generally made of composite aluminum, are quite durable.