Features of Plexi Box Letters

Plexi box letter signs have an important place as one of the most preferred among the increasing variety of box letters and the advertising sector that is developing day by day. Most of the signs we see when we go out on the street are of this type. In this article, you will have information about the plexi and other construction stages used in the letter structure of the plexi box. First of all, let’s look at the properties and usage areas of plexi. It is a plastic glass with many varieties such as colored, transparent, colored, transparent, phosphorescent, silvery, etc. It is 6-7 times more durable and lighter than conventional glass. It conducts heat 20 percent less than glass of the same thickness. Plexi is frequently used in many areas. It is used in many areas such as showcases, souvenirs, seafood, decoration and interior architecture, lighting elements, bathroom and kitchen accessories, home and office furniture, industrial areas. It is preferred more often because it is bright and eye-catching due to its structure, attracting more customers’ attention than other standard signboards. It is a very good advantage for this product that the plexi material is long-lasting and does not have problems such as fading, wear and tear in terms of color. It can be used with or without light, depending on preference. An important issue with plexi box letters is that they should be regularly maintained and cleaned annually. Otherwise, substances such as dust and dirt accumulate in it and shade it and do not let the light out.